Dear Damon,


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Fuck you.Bygones.

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I have one thing to say here.

Two seasons ago, DE fans were ALL OVER Stefan because he saved Matt over Elena to respect her choice.

Today, Elena literally BLEW HERSELF UP FOR NO REASON just so she could die with Damon, just because she didn’t want to possibly live without him, and Damon was like “k cool” and “respected her choice”.

Only one of these was a suicide mission. And I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t when Elena told Stefan to save Matt.

If people think this is romantic, I don’t know what to say. Elena killed herself for Damon. That’s what Damon and this love did to her. It destroyed her, literally and figuratively in the end.


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I’m mad that Elena’s character has been completely ruined.

I’m mad that Stefan Salvatore died and we only got a minute at the beginning of the episode to recognize that.

I’m mad that there was over 10 minutes of screen time of characters mourning for a character that had murdered at least one person related to or loved by all of them.

I’m mad that Paul Wesley’s job is useless because the fans (and apparently writers) love Ian Somerhalder’s better.

I’m mad that the writers listen to their fans so much that they will warp the show in order to achieve satisfaction by them.

I’m mad at what has become of The Vampire Diaries. 


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I’m so glad The Vampire Diaries ended after season 3.

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That was the worst episode of anything I’ve ever seen in my entire life


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So who else is just really fucking done with TVD?


The Vampire Diaries 5x22 Webclip - Home (Season Finale) [x]

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